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"I always, you know, say to people that if you want a dentist who knows what he's doing, go here."

I had some sadness in my life. My husband died and I was living in another country. We lived for 11 years in Mexico. And all of a sudden, all of me was like all mixed up, all gone, you know, once my husband died. I knew I had to get my teeth taken care of. To what degree, I don’t think I knew. I just knew that I had… My teeth are a mess. Besides all of me being a mess, the first thing that I could work on was my teeth. And I have a nephew that lives near here and he referred me to Dr. Foust.

He was really great because he didn't scream and yell and say, "Oh my Heavens! Shouldn't have-- Look at your mouth." He was very nice.

Dr. Jarrett Foust:

Margaret, she came to me and she was kind of at a crossroads. And she was going to be at a situation where, possibly, wearing an upper denture. We discussed all of the pros and cons to wearing a denture. There’s so many negatives. After the consult was over, Mrs. Azouke[?] decided that full arch implants up top was the option for her. Everything turned out beautifully and she has always been thrilled with her teeth.

When she first saw those teeth, she was absolutely amazed. She had some trepidation that we were going to make her look weird, that if they’re fake teeth, they’re just not going to look natural to her. And from the first moment, she felt very, very happy to have a confident smile again.


He was really great because he didn’t scream and yell and say, “Oh my Heavens! Shouldn’t have– Look at your mouth.” He was very nice. I knew he was a teacher because of the way he talked to me. That he was teaching me as he was talking to me about my mouth and what the needs were. I got everybody running to see my teeth that were right here because they were beautiful. I thought they’d look fake in a way. And they never did, never did. To this second, they don’t. They look very natural. I always, you know, say to people that if you want a dentist who knows what he’s doing, go here. You know, go to Doctor Foust here.

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