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Why Dental Implant Experience Matters

We Provide Customized Tooth Replacement Options

Whether you lost a tooth or teeth due to gum disease, injury, severe tooth decay or a genetic condition, this can lead to physical and emotional consequences. Multiple studies have shown that tooth loss can cause a decrease in self-confidence, as well as behavioral changes, such as withdrawing from social events. Physical repercussions of missing teeth include speech difficulties, a diminished ability to chew food, loss of underlying bone, facial changes and shifting of adjacent teeth. Tooth loss also encourages bacteria growth, which increases the risk of decay in your remaining teeth and gum disease. At Smile! Dental Center, we offer several different tooth replacement options in Gibsonia, PA to help restore your confidence and oral function. While you can choose from different solutions, they all rely on dental implants, due to the technology’s outstanding versatility and durability compared to traditional dentures. We pride ourselves on creating customized full arch solutions with beautiful results and high success rates, as evidenced by our glowing reviews.

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Comparing Fixed and Removable Teeth

The two basic options for tooth replacement are fixed and removable. Conventional removable dentures may seem like the more affordable option, but they aren’t a long-term solution and come with a host of drawbacks. Dentures only restore 20% of natural tooth function versus 60% with removable overdentures and over 98% with fixed implant-supported dentures. Unlike fixed dental implants, which prevent bone loss and encourage new growth, dentures can’t prevent bone loss, and may even accelerate it! Dentures are also prone to clicking, slipping and discomfort, they require messy adhesives, they must be removed at night for cleaning, they can cause bad breath, and they require restricting food choices. Overdentures typically rely on a minimum of two dental implants per arch and attach most often with a locator bar or ball system.


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How Dental Implants Can Help You Live a Better Life

Dental Implants That Blend Art and Science

We understand that deciding on a tooth replacement option can be confusing, due to the growing number of options. At Smile! Dental Center, patient education is integral to our mission, so we always take the time to explain every step of your procedure. In fact, we won’t commence treatment until you understand all the steps and costs involved. Guided technology coupled with Dr. Jarrett Foust’s vast expertise enables precision dental implant surgery, whether you’re getting single implants or implant-supported dentures in Gibsonia, PA. In addition to delivering clinically excellent outcomes, part of our practice philosophy is to provide ultimate comfort and reassurance to our patients. As such, we offer soothing sedation dentistry if you need it.

Personalized Family Dentistry Services

Development and refinement of dental implants is considered one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years. The placement of implants calls for careful diagnosis and treatment planning, both of which require advanced training and experience. Dental implants are made of titanium and other biocompatible materials. Surgically placed in your jaw, the posts function as sturdy anchors for replacement teeth after they fuse with your natural bone. After the fixture is securely in place, a stable connecting piece called an abutment is attached. The final step is the creation of a zirconia or porcelain crown that is customized in the perfect shape and shade to blend in with your adjacent teeth, complement your facial esthetics and restore oral function.

An overdenture combines the stability of dental implants with the convenience of a removable denture. Overdentures are removable teeth mounted on a pink resin base customized to provide an exact fit over your existing gums. The overdenture securely snaps in place using button-like locators or a ball system fixed in place on the dental implants. The first step in this process involves taking digital impressions to create a temporary denture. After the temporary denture is created, we take diagnostic images to plan the placement of the dental implants. Special healing caps are placed over your implants and you’ll return to our practice periodically so Dr. Foust can ensure your healing is proceeding as expected. After the implants have fused with your bone, we take new impressions with the abutments attached, then send them to a dental laboratory that will design your permanent prosthesis.

TeethXpress® full arch dental implants provide a permanent, stable and durable alternative to dentures. Using surgical guides, Dr. Foust strategically places implants in your jaw where the bone is most dense, thereby eliminating the need for bone grafting. This also ensures that implants will fully integrate with your existing bone in a process called osseointegration. After your full arch dental implants are in place, Dr. Foust attaches a denture that restores function and beauty to your smile, which will boost your self-esteem and confidence! In addition, as long as you follow our maintenance guidelines, TeethXpress is guaranteed for five years!
Stabili-Teeth offer the same long-term reliability and long-lasting stability—at less than half the cost of traditional implants! This approach has revolutionized the science of creating implant-supported prostheses due to two key differences: First, this protocol offers same-day stability and immediate functional and esthetic results by combining the use of Narrow Diameter Implants (NDIs) and conventional implants on the day of surgery. This enables walking out of our practice with a full set of stable, functional teeth that snap into place. Second, engagement of all the dental implants after the three-month healing process and fitting of your final prostheses ensure that you never have to live another day without stable teeth. Stabili-Teeth also includes a five-year warranty.
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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.

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Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Dental Implants

Your dental implant treatment at Smile! Dental Center is personalized to your specific oral health needs and smile goals.

Invest in Your Smile and Quality of Life

Tooth replacement options in Gibsonia, PA provide long-lasting improvements in your health, function and confidence. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, we can help you afford life-changing restorations! While our prices are already highly competitive, we also partner with top-rated dental financing companies to help make treatment more affordable. Our financial coordinator is happy to help you secure a personalized payment plan that fits your budget. Many of our patients receive instant approval, often without a credit check!

Like any other service, all dental implant practices aren’t created equal. Although you may be tempted by bargain-basement prices, this can actually lead to heartache and much higher costs, due to failure and the need to have dental implants replaced. Dr. Foust has extensive qualifications, including graduating from the prestigious Misch International Implant Institute and achieving Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, so when you’re looking for innovative dental implant options delivered by a compassionate dentist with top credentials and skills, look no further than Smile! Dental Center.

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