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A good first impression starts with your smile. If you’re unhappy with your smile and don’t like the idea of wearing traditional braces, clear aligners in Gibsonia, PA may be the perfect solution for getting your dream smile. ClearCorrect makes it easy to achieve an ideal smile without the unsightly and often painful wires, brackets and rubber bands required with traditional metal braces. We love offering clear aligners because creating happy, healthy smiles painlessly perfectly fits with our mission to deliver family-friendly, innovative dental care. Since 2006, ClearCorrect has helped hundreds of thousands of patients achieve better smiles without the downsides of traditional metal braces. If you have a crossbite, overbite, open bite, crowding or gaps between teeth, you may be an ideal candidate for ClearCorrect. If our team determines this is a good option for you, we take the time to explain how clear aligners work so you know what to expect every step of the way on your journey to a clearly straighter smile!

We love offering clear aligners because creating happy, healthy smiles painlessly perfectly fits with our mission to deliver family-friendly, innovative dental care.

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Crooked Teeth Impact More than Appearance

Straighter teeth not only look better, they function better. Misaligned or crooked teeth (known as a malocclusion) can cause excessive wear and tear on your teeth, gums and jaw muscles. As a result, you may experience cracked teeth, jaw strain, TMJ disorder and chronic headaches. Malocclusion also increases the risk of food particles getting trapped in spaces between your teeth, which can lead to bacterial plaque, cavities and early gum disease (gingivitis). Crooked teeth can negatively impact emotional health, especially in children and teenagers. After your smile is straightened, teeth are easier to clean and less prone to decay and plaque buildup. In addition, you’ll likely experience a big boost in your self-esteem.

Show Off Your Smile While Straightening Your Teeth

Unlike traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect allows you to show off your smile while straightening your teeth. ClearCorrect devices are so comfy and discreet that you may forget you’re wearing them … and no one else will notice, either! At Smile! Dental Center, we want to make it easier for everyone to afford this clearly more comfortable straightening option, so we offer dental financing from top-rated third-party financing companies. The first step to a clearly straighter smile is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jarrett Foust for clear aligners in Gibsonia, PA!

Benefiting from Invisible Braces

How ClearCorrect Works

Orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect clear aligners involves a system of graduated aligner trays that gently move your teeth into their optimum positions. When you visit Smile! Dental Center, Dr. Foust will perform an exam and take digital scans of your teeth. If he decides ClearCorrect is the best option for you, this information is sent to the ClearCorrect lab to create a series of customized aligner trays. After the aligners come back from the lab, you’ll return to our practice and our team will show you how to use them. Your tray will be changed out every few weeks for the next aligner in the series. Although you may experience a little pressure or discomfort with each new tray, this will disappear within a day or two as your teeth adjust to the new aligner. In order to achieve desired results, you’ll need to wear your clear aligners 22 hours a day. Treatment time is based on the severity of your misalignment, but generally takes a few months to one year.

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